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Thursday, October 05, 2006


Hmm dats d WEBDINGS font.......

Wat does dat mean?
"Course kitna hua yaaaar?"
Why dat ridiculous font?
Coz dats how everything in the exam syllabus looks like when u have reached ur
"Saturation Threshold"

It wouldn't have taken a split second for anyone who's been to a college, esp. hostelites, to relate to the topic of this write-up!

The "Omnipresent Question", be it said or unsaid, reflecting conspicuously on each n every face....

Stacks of books on the study table, almost ready to give the Eiffel Tower gud enough competition.....

Sleepless faces roaming around like zombies.......

Helpless brains trying to make a FINAL PRIORITY LIST..........

Forecasting with some much needed assistance from Previous Years' Question papers....

Pinning the last hopes on these and finally on GOD!

But yes.........some people do let out that FRUSTRATION in a much more humorous d respite of many more around them..........

One way out is to pen it down in the form of SHAYARI..........

Here go some REAL LIFE compositions............Impromptu to the Core!

Dhoop me niklo, ghatao me nahakar dekho
Zindagi kya hai, KITABO ko hatakar dekho
Kitaabein hataake kal imtehaaan deke to dekho
Zindagi kya hai....
Voh apni-apni marksheets mein dekho....!!
N here comes the ever optimistic SYMPATHIZER.........
Do not wory junta!
"Na har me na jeet me,
kinchit nahi bhaybhit maisangharsh path per jo mila,
yeh bhi sahi wah bhi sahi"...


Na yeh mila na woh mila........
Ab tak to saala kuch nahin mila............
Bhaybhit to tab ho insaan jab khone ka ho bhay man mein
Na har hai na jeet haiyeh to pass hone ki need hai....

Aaina dekh kar tasalli huyi,humko is ghar me jaanta hai koi !!!!

D Reply-
Tumahara sher dekh kar tassalli hui.. ....
Hamaare allawaa bhi time waste kar raha hai koi....

Yahan ka to alam aisa lagta hai ki.........

Aajkal din kuch aise gujaarte hain
Sabhi kitabo se sar nahi uthate hain kabhi!!

Din to kuch khaas hai
Vela time aapke paas hai...
Dost ab shayari band kar dete hai........
Aur padai mein thoda dyaan laga lete hai...
Unki aankhon me neend kahan ,
jo dhun ke matwale haingati ki trisha aur badhti,
jab padte pairon me chale hain.....

Kabtak tu paper mein sar khapayega,
kal bhi ghissu tha,
kal fir ghissu kehlayega
Bored of studying book n slides...
Khada hun aaj bhi roti ke char harf liye
sawaal hai ke KITABOn ne kya diya mujhko
*harf = alphabets (R,O,T,I)
Reply -
Khada hoon aaj biblab ki slides liye
vgsom ne rattu tota bana diya mujhe
na igbo,na osd,na marketing padho yaron
bus mauj karo mauj karo,mauj karo.

check out this!! movies n studies!! they gel sooo well!!

Exam == Kalyug,
Classes == Kabhi Kabhi
Viva == Encounter
Examination Hall == Chamber of Secret
Examiner == Mrityudata
Course == GodZilla
Paper Correction == Andha Kanoon
Exam Time == Qayamat se Qayamat Tak
Question Paper == Paheli
Answer Paper == Kora Kagaz
Marks == Ashambhav
Paper Out == Plan
Cheating == Aksar
Last Exam == Independence Day
Result == Sadma
Pass == Ajooba / Chamatkar
Fail == Devdas
Vacations == Masti
Supplementary == Aakhri Rasta

Any more contributions to the above list are MOST WELCOME!

I shall gladly make use of them in another such situtaion which is bound to arise sooner or later........
After all .............Xams will be Xams & Students will be Students!



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