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Friday, December 15, 2006

Direct vs Creative Advertising
Why David Ogilvy sided with the former?

Here's an exerpt from a speech the advertising genius gave to the advertising fraternity in Paris, expressing his opinion as to why direct advertising is more effective than creative advertising!

  • “There is a yawning chasm between you generalists and we directs. We directs belong to a different world. Your gods are not our gods."

  • “You generalists pride yourselves on being creative – whatever that awful word means. You cultivate the mystique of creativity. Some of you are pretentious poseurs. You are the glamour boys and girls of the advertising community. You regard advertising as an art form – and expect your clients to finance expressions of your genius. We directs do not regard advertising as an art form. Our clients don’t give a damn whether we win awards at Cannes. They pay us to sell their products. Nothing else."

  • “You must be the most seductive salesmen in the world if you can persuade hard headed clients to pay for your kind of advertising. When sales go up, you claim credit for it. When sales go down, you blame the product. We in direct response know exactly to the penny how many products we sell with each of our advertisements. Your favourite music is the applause of your fellow art directors and copywriters. Our favourite music is the ring of the cash register."

  • "You generalists use short copy. We use long copy. Experience has taught us that short copy doesn’t sell. In our headlines, we promise the consumer a benefit. You generalists don’t think it is creative."

  • "You have never had to live with the discipline of knowing the results of your advertising. We pack our advertisements and letters with information about the product. We have found out we have to – if we want to sell anything.”
How true !!!



  • I dont exactly agree with this.
    This fellow (pardon me but I dont know who he is) is simply saying that what he does is correct. Or atleast he makes it sound that ways, but I dont know why a creative advertisement cant still show the features of ur product?!
    of course showing something creatively interesting and just trying to link it to the product is a bad idea, but there are numerous good creative ads out there which definitely leave a strong imprint on the consumer's mind!
    take for example the Avenger[the bike] ad, it didnt talk of features it didnt talk anything abt the bike! hell it barely showed the looks of the bike, but in the end it said "i feel like god" with a third person having back ache. It was a good creative ad, and let me tell you when i went to buy my bike avenger did play on my mind. Though ultimately, power was the motivating factor for me, that doesnt mean that the sad advertisement of Hrithik Roshan racing with a fighter jet had anything to do with it
    there are numerous other examples of good creative advertisements.
    but yes, i guess the bottomline is if it sells, its correct!
    And i definitely dont agree with a simple ad just mentioning the features of the product. that would be too boring, and just imagine that ad being repeated!
    it could be a major source of headaches!
    In the today's age advertisments are also the source of entertaintment apart from product publicity mainly because an average consumer will be able to view the ad multiple number of times, so a boring ad would usually be a bad idea!

    By Blogger MountCleverest, At 12:54 AM, January 02, 2007  

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