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Thursday, December 21, 2006

U Got Chocolates !!!

Nope m not askin u 2 mail me some chocs........dere's loads of dem dis side!
The above refers to a silly incident in hostel. I was called upon by a grp of close friends to be given some GYAAN. Actually it was more of a word of caution than just plain gyaan. I was being instructed to be extremely careful while i am doin my summer training - a first stint as an MBA graduate in the corporate world !

Eventhough I have already seen the ways and means of the corpo world for more than a year before getting back to college for a masters degree, I just can't leave the kid inside me. People say that is a good thing. But in my case that goes a tad beyond normal !

Sounds like Peter Pan eh!

Well that is precisely the case. Dunno why?

Before I begin digressing..............the incident.

After the Gyaan session ended; with loads of instructions on being careful about backstabbers and the associated filth that happens; some general talk was going on. It was then that one of my best friends in that grp revealed he had some choclates in his room.

And I dunno why but I simply shouted out "U Got chocolates !!!" in the most ecstatic manner u can imagine; with the brightest possible glint in my eyes, wide open like a cat's in the dark! I don't knw wat made me so happy. Maybe the fact that I was being instructed like a mom instructs her kid - look left, then luk right and then cross the road, that too only on a zebra crossing ! The whole atmosphere was so much like was so clean n pure.....

I was the kid ...........with extremely wonderful friends who had called me upon coz they only thought gud for me..........coz they wanted me to be careful............coz they were genuinely 'Concerned' !

Now tell me..........when u r constantly treated like this.......... Why should u grow up? or better

Why do u need to grow up ?!?!

:) :) :) :) :)

P.S. That "U Got Chocolates" has stuck to me now forever since then, infact I have to repeat it with the exact same expression everytime I have to dig out some chocs 4m dis friend of mine!

N i luv doin it!



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